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Online SMS API

Sending out SMS to your customer base is an easy and cost effective way to remain in touch with your patrons. Let’s say you are in the online retailing business with your own shopping platform. Your business registers each new customer to a database by default. Now let’s consider a hypothetical but very common situation. You are trying to clear out old stock. You wish to send out a message to your existing customer base that your website will be offering heavy discounts for some products. Sending out an email would be the first choice as emails costs next to nothing to send out. But emails face a trying time getting through filters and other gatekeeper programs. SMS, especially when they are opt-in have a much easier time to get through. Plus, opt-in SMS are in compliance with legal clauses and are never considered spam. Emails, even when they are opt-in can be filtered and or deleted without opening. SMS have an open rate higher than even emails. With online SMS API you can harness the power of SMS marketing and manage smaller campaigns yourself. Online SMS API basically uses a chunk of code that integrates an existing website built with any of the popular web scripting languages with a SMS gateway. It needs very little coding experience that some one with only limited knowledge in programming can handle. You could ask your developer to study the comprehensive API manual that we will provide. If you don’t have a developer, not to worry. We have a technical team standing by. They can help youintegrate our API with your website. If you are interested in availing the API integration services of SMSworldonline.com feel free to get in touch with our sales support staff. We will be more than happy to help you in your marketing campaigns.

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